Fine Feathered Friends Nature Store
Fine Feathered Friends  Nature Store

At Fine Feathered Friends you will find a full selection of nature inspired gifts.

Functional and decorative gifts for the nature lover, bird watcher and garden enthusiast!

The Pileated woodpecker is an indoor or outdoor decorative component of a nature lovers home!

Our Mason Bees have been busy! Puttying up their eggs with mud, into the Mason Bee houses that we sell at our store.

Help those Toads hide in the winter from the cold, in the summer from the heat.

Unique Seed Feeder, hand made by D&L design, with a mason jar, antique cookie plate and a chicken feeder!  
















                                                                                                                           Locally made wreaths, with birds.

Decorative Feeder made out of wood, with etched glass.
T-shirts with Wildlife Images
Little Brown Bat, Snowy Owl and Great Horned Owl in our Plush Animal collection!
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