Fine Feathered Friends Nature Store
Fine Feathered Friends  Nature Store

Welcome to Fine Feathered Friends in historic La Conner !      A Store for the Nature Lover and Bird Watcher!

Fine Feathered Friends Nature Store

We enjoy sharing our knowledge with you about birds, nature and wildlife in the beautiful Skagit County.


Wild Bird Supply!

We offer a variety of wild bird seed, feeders, houses, bird baths and hummingbird feeders!

With a wide variety of wild bird feeders, bird houses, hummingbird feeders, bird seed and bird baths we are your destination for taking care of your wild feathered friends!

Nature inspired gifts include unique, but functional bird feeders and houses.

Educational materials, different types of birding guides, Mac's and Sibley's waterproof guides, help identify your bird sightings.

Art and nature photography from local artists are displayed for enjoyment and purchase!

Dr JB's clean feeder with switchable sizes, for different seasons and changes in Hummingbird population!


A new addition to our store, mini vases (4-5"), hand made in Mexico with a special clay and painted with pigments. 

The Northern Flickers enjoy the suet feeder!

A Hummingbird Feeder Tube for many Humming Birds!


Our tail prop Suet Feeder,made with recycled plastic, is back in! 

The Anna's Hummingbirds are enjoying our Mini Blossom Feeders! 

Bird Houses

Bird Houses handmade by Raffaele

From Chickadees to Woodpeckers and Owls, find the right bird house for you.

Hummingbird Feeders

Our basic Hummingbird Feeders are in, functional and decorative.

Make sure you put the new feeder further away from the old one, humming birds are birds of habit, and might ignore the new one!  Also make sure that the feeder is cleaned once a week, if it has been used or not. Happy Bird Watching!



Bird inspired Wreaths by Linda Olsson!

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Bat Houses, make good gifts for wildlife lovers!  Hang them on the south/east side of your house, and about ten feet high, so the cats can't catch them.  Enjoy watching them in the spring and summer, catching hundreds of mosquitoes every night!



The Belted Kingfishers are common residents in this area. You can find them on any kind of shores, from saltwater shorelines, to lakes, ponds and rivers.  It is fun watching them hover over the water and plunge down to catch a fish! Part of their food consists of reptiles, amphibians and insects.

They dig nest burrows 3 - 6 feet deep horizontally into banks and lay 5 - 7 eggs. 

Their loud woody rattlle, often gives them away bevor you can see them!  Trying to get a close up photo is an other story, they are shy birds, and one has to hide in order to get fairly close to them. Rosi

Kingfisher, by Laurie Potter, print on canvas and recycled wood, approx 5 x 8

Baby Kingfisher by Laurie Potter 

print on canvas and recycled wood,

approx. 5 x 8

Kingfisher female,

5 x 7 photo by Rosi Jansen

Seahawk, print of original painting by Ed Flitcroft.

Ann Hardee Jewelry

Handcrafted Garden Art by D&L Design

Flower Stakes and Bird Feeders made from recycled dishes, jewelry and metal!

A Live Action Video Portfolio of North American Birds DVD Series, by Bob Hamlin


Jody Bergsma items, Mugs, Coasters, Journals and Art Coloring Books!

Original painting by local artist Curt McCauley, $350, 12 x 15 Watercolor/Sumi ink, all proceeds go to the La Conner Library Foundation

Fine Feathered Friends 

Nature Store

In the historic town of LaConner on the Swinomish Channel



Mon - Sat 10 - 5

Sun 11 - 5






Nature is our passion!

We are stewards of our natural environment, trying to preserve the diversity of nature with it's birds, mammals, sea life, plants and ancient trees! 

Fine Feathered Friends Gallery

Nature Photography by Rosi Jansen
Nature Photography by Wes Jansen
Acrylic Paintings by Nancy Vogel, LaConner, WA
Bird Paintings and Prints by Laurie Potter, Bellingham, WA
Bird Photography by Marlin Greene, Seattle, WA


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