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Suet and Seed Feeders

<The Northern Flicker  enjoys the suet and doesn't mind the squirrel proof feeder, while the Pinesiskin loves the sunflower chips!

Bird Houses

Bird Houses give birds, who nest in cavities, a place to raise their young!

Bat and Bee houses

Bee and Insect Houses will provide a safe place for Mason bees to place their next year's generation in, and give other insects a place to hide.

Hummingbird Feeders

With the window feeder from 'Aspects' you can enjoy the Hummingbirds close by!

Bird Baths

Bird Baths give wildlife water, a main stay for their existence.

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Nature is our passion!

We are stewards of our natural environment, trying to preserve the diversity of nature with it's birds, mammals, sea life, plants and ancient trees! 

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